Vie Verte
Everyone loves to enjoy great tasting food and snacks but is often concern about how these will affect our weight and health. Vie Verte offers you a range of specialty foods and snacks that are natural, health promoting and savory.  You can now snack and live healthily! Vie Verte also believes in total health and well-being. Apart from natural and nutrient-rich food, we also offer a range of natural beauty, wellness and household products.
How the brand started

Choosing a different path, creating a responsible lifestyleThrough fate, three friends venturing in different career paths with similar aspirations established Vie Verte in 2015. Vie Verte signifies green living. It is also a reflection of a brand that amplifies improvement of quality of life through a green, organic and happy lifestyle.

With the debut of Cacao Nibs, Vie Verte continuously venture into the revolutionary realm of creating new, simple and healthy bottled and canned food option for Malaysians.

Vie Verte advocates safe and pure ingredients to meet the changing needs of consumers and believes in producing 'truly safe and healthy' food products. Through simple daily steps, transform everyday lifestyle and health.

Natural Ingredients, Protecting Your Health

Unhealthy lifestyle and diet habits has brought along various chronic diseases in the modern society. Over consumption of processed foods such as snacks and biscuits has also risen the incidences of obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc.

There are in fact a wide variety of choices for snacks such as cereals, nuts, dried fruits, cacao nibs etc. All these healthy snacks are tasty and contain high nutritional values that are beneficial to body health.

Refinement of food has also increased the incidences of gastrointestinal diseases over the years. Choose non-refine processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals etc to protect your health.

Stringent Compliance for better health

Non-compliance of food safety in recent years has raised consumer awareness of the use of ingredients and food processes. Vie Verte ensures that ingredients and food processes undergo stringent compliance so that every consumer can have a peace of mind while savouring our tasty and healthy food and snacks.

Selection of ingredients: natural, organic ingredients

Production: low-temperature baking process to retain the original taste and nutritional values of all ingredients. 100% free from preservatives and colourings.

Testing and inspection: meets the stringent requirements of SGS. Ensure compliance of the SOP process to produce safe and healthy food for all consumers.

Your health is our priority
Vie Verte believes that we can coexist harmoniously with nature. A professional brand and trustworthiness is our commitment to consumers. It is also the drive for us to strive forward and offer products that enhance the health of consumers and in turn, create happiness and blissfulness.
  75% Dark Chocolate (Cacao Nibs)   Super Cacao Nibs   Artisan Chocolate  
  MYR 15.90   MYR 17.90   MYR 25.00  
  Vie Verte offers you a range of specialty, natural & healthy snacks! Place your orders, bank in or make payment online! Deliver or pickup your online orders from any Vie Verte stores!  
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  Vie Verte offers you a range of specialty foods and snacks that are natural, health promoting and savory.  You can now snack and live healthily!